Why choose Jenny Mullan?

  • I’m one of the longest standing practitioners in the UK, and have helped over 600 couples since 2002
  • I’m one of only three UK trainers – many of the practitioners in the UK now were students on one of my courses
  • I and my couples have been featured on Channel 4 and BBC TV, as well as in numerous pregnancy and birth magazines and newspaper articles
  • I’m regularly recommended by local hospital and community midwives
  • I’ve lectured the Royal College of Midwives, and written for their in-house journal
  • I was twice winner of “Speaker of the Day” when I presented HypnoBirthing at the prestigious Primary Care Live events
  • I’m also a hugely experienced clinical hypnotherapist and clinic owner

That’s the summary version – if you want to know more detail and background, read on.

You can also book one of my HypnoBirthing class dates or, if you’re not ready to book yet and have some questions, you can contact me.

My background

I originally gained a degree in education, and from starting as a newly-qualified teacher I rapidly rose through the ranks to become head of an Early Years unit with a team of seven staff and responsibility for 80 children.

I was told that headship beckoned, but I’d decided that the stress and red-tape of education was not where I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

I spent a year re-training as a reflexologist, and left teaching to become a full-time therapist.  Within a very short space of time (compared to most therapists) I had a full and thriving practice.

Never one to stand still, I soon trained as a hypnotherapist, quickly followed by training as a HypnoBirthing® practitioner.

Since then, I’ve continued to train in further advanced techniques and methodologies, and will always do so.

I’ve attended training courses across the UK and even as far afield as the United States, as I believe strongly in keeping ‘ahead of the game’ and providing the best possible service to my clients.

Therapist, business owner, trainer

In 2002, I bought a property and opened a three-room complementary health and beauty centre called The Nightingale Clinic.  Since then, it’s grown to 15 therapists, 4 rooms and over 20 different therapies.

As well as being a HypnoBirthing® practitioner, I’m also on the HypnoBirthing® Institute Faculty, and one of only thee UK instructors for training new HypnoBirthing® practitioners.  I’ve now trained hundreds of people as practitioners from all over the world, including instructors from the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

Media coverage

As well as articles in various local newspapers and publications, I’ve been published in almost all the major pregnancy and birth magazines, and even commissioned to write a double-page centre-spread article for the official Royal College Of Midwives Journal.

On TV, I’ve been responsible for massively increasing the awareness of HypnoBirthing® by having my clients featured on Richard and Judy, and the BBC1/BBC3 series “He’s Having A Baby” with Davina McCall, where I was featured on the BBC3 programme.

I was also interviewed by Chris Baxter on BBC Radio Leicester on 28th Jan 2010.

Featured speaker

I’ve lectured the Royal College Of Midwives on several occasions, as well as other local organisations and hospitals, and I was voted ‘Best Speaker’ at the prestigious Primary Care Live events in both London and Manchester.


Soon after being selected as a HypnoBirthing® instructor, I was awarded the ‘International Ambassador Award For Services To HypnoBirthing’ for the work I’d done to promote it.


To date, I’ve helped over 600 couples have a more comfortable, satisfying birth that most mirrors nature.

Misspelling of my name

If you’re looking for HypnoBirthing practitioner Jenny Mullen, that’s me – just it’s spelt Mullan, not Mullen.

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